(Be advised, we are happy to quote job to job, prices are guides and can be flexible.)

Set Up: $100
• Adjust Truss Rod
• Level, Crown & polish Frets
• Complete Set Up of string action and intonation
• All Electronics are checked, cleaned and tested for proper functionality
• Tuning Gears lubed and checked for functionality
• The whole instrument is cleaned
• Restring

Restring: $20

New Handmade Bone Nut: $90

New Handmade Bone Saddle: $60
(Assessment will be provided before agreed works are undertaken, often nut and saddle issues are due to further set issues.)
• Includes nut or saddle blank material
• Both can be “aged” to look more vintage - $5.

Re-fret: $300 (Includes fretwire and new nut)
• Extract old frets
• Clean and re-cut fret slots
• Level Fingerboard
• Replace frets with specified fretwire
• Full Set Up Included.

Neck Reset: $300 (Includes materials).
• Remove Neck
• Re-cut heel for correct neck angle
• Re-glue neck
• New Handmade bone saddle.

Re-Glue Lifting Bridge: $120
• Remove Bridge
• Clean and prep glue surfaces
• Re-Glue
• Restring & Limited Edition Set Up.

Replace Bridge: $180 (Does not include price of factory saddle)
• Remove Bridge
• Clean and prep glue surfaces
• Fit, factory bridge
• New Handmade Bone Saddle
• Restring & Limited Edition Set Up.

New Handmade Bridge: $300

• Remove Bridge
• Fabricate Replica Bridge to Proper Specifications
• Fit new bridge
• New Handmade Bone Saddle
• Restring & Limited Edition Set Up.

Structural Issues:

Headstock Fracture: $150 Upwards
(This job requires assessment. The fracture or break location, whether the headstock is still attached & how much cosmetic damage has occurred all play into cost) 
• Prepare surfaces and re-glue the fracture or crack
• Depending on the fracture type and location, splines may be grafted into the joint to provide extra support under string tension

Body & Cracks: $150-$200
(Structural cracks need assessment. They can be a combination of issues & size. Below outlines our general process)
• Clean & Stabilize Crack area & ascertain cause
• Re-glue crack/brace/loose areas and mold into proper shape.
• Glue and fill damaged finish areas
• Cosmetically match ‘as close as possible’ the finish repair
• Buff & clean surface to blend in repair

Finishing: Call for quote
(Depending on the surface area, color scheme and preparation involved)

• Finishing area’s are properly cleaned, sanded & filled
• Body or Neck are colored and sealed
• Specific Coats of Nitrocellulose Lacquer are applied
• Finish is wet sanded and buffed to a high gloss or left flat
Touch Ups: $60 Upwards
(Call for quote and assessment)

• Stabilize & fill the finish blemish
• Level and blend in the repair


Pick up Installation: $60 + $10 for each extra pick up
(Price does not include parts)

Jack Installation: $30
(Price does not include parts)

Switch Installation: $30
(Price does not include parts)

Pot Installation: $30
(Price does not include parts)

Install Under Saddel Pickup: $100
(Price does not include parts)
• Open up end pin hole to locate end pin jack
• Fit and resize old saddle and slot for optimal pick up/saddle performance

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