X Brace Conversion: Email For Information

Back in the day, there were other under regarded guitars than the kudos veterans of Martin, Gibson etc that were made out of stellar tonewoods. 
Through a process of refinement many of those guitars can be taken from basket case to vintage beauty by using the good and discarding the bad.

Here at Seattle Guitar Repair, we specialize in the re-generation of these long forgotten models.

Once a guitar arrives at the shop we, do the following:
• Inspect the guitar, take notes on current condition and problems that are self evident
• Remove all parts, the neck & back of the guitar
• Remove ALL HEAVY bracing from the body
• Stabilize, Cleat, Re-glue all structural issues
• Refined X-Brace Conversion for top and Refined Ladder Bracing for the back.
• Re-install the back & binding if it’s present
• Reset Neck
• Full Re-fret, Including leveling fingerboard, installing new frets, level, crown & polish frets.
• New, quality tuning gears
• New Hand carved Ebony or Rosewood Bridge (To suit the guitar style)
• New Handmade Bone Nut & Saddle
• Full Set Up of Playing Action & Intonation.

The results of this process are stunning. Vintage character at a fraction of the cost. If you have an old Silvertone, Harmony, Kay or any other secretly awesome guitar, drop us a line and we'll see what we can do.

Call- (206) 659-7256 or Email info@seattleguitarrepair.com