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 Seattle Guitar Repair is a guitar shop based out of the Wisteria Design Group Workshop in Seattle, Washington.

Owner Sam Bell studied his craft with Master Luthier Scott Baxendale, owner of Baxendale Guitar in Athens, Georgia. 

Sam is a Recording Engineer and Producer who has worked in recording studios for nearly 20 years with some prestigious talents. Living in Los Angeles apart from his work in the music industry he studied woodworking and furniture building.  On a road trip through Athens Georgia he got a tour of Baxendale Guitar. Inspired by the shop, the thought that learning to be a a luthier might be the perfect skill between recording activities. In 2015 he decided to enroll in Baxendale's Luthier Program and spend some time in Athens studying while still making records.

During his year long apprenticeship and employment at Baxendale Guitar he learned a range of skills from basic guitar repairs, to the rigorous rebuild process for Baxendale's renowned “Harmony Conversion” range. Sam specializes in repairing and restoring vintage and often overlooked stringed instruments, upcycling them while retaining their character. 

 In August 2016 Sam relocated to Seattle, WA and is currently working on designing, building and repairing guitars while also continuing to make records.


Call- (206) 659-7256 or Email info@seattleguitarrepair.com